Problem ? – Try these guys!

Problem ? – Try these guys!

By In Blogs On November 27, 2013

 Blog Posted By : Ritu R Nair (Manager HR – Training & Development)

All of us have problems. And when it is time for us to come up with a solution, more often than not, one of the first things we do is approach our support systems. Colleagues , friends, supporters or well wishers. We have a plethora of people who are ready with solutions to our problems or support us in our quest to find solutions. Identifying the “right” person to approach for a particular kind of problem can make all the difference between solving it or making it worse.

Different people have different skills and are adept at helping us in a variety of ways. Not to stereotype, but we all recognize certain patterns in the way people help us. Let us try and identify certain people who can help in their own unique and important ways.

The Networker

People over processes for these guys. You can find social and corporate connectors everywhere. They are the guys “who know these other guys” who can help you. Their contribution to our lives is very extraordinary. They introduce you to new people who can help you and basically share the love.These are type of people who can help solve problems using other people – their “connections”. Whether it is to help you find a job or find a date. You can count on their connections.

The Listener

These are the people we really go to! The feel good guys even. They do something special for us by offering to let us talk away. They let us “see” how stupid we actually “sound”! Thereby enabling us to clear our head before we think of the “right solution” after we identify “the right problem”. Their patient natures will let us rave and rant. Whether they offer solutions or simply give you a “O no” “that’s bad” “O good for you!” These guys are easy therapy! Serious de-burdenizers

The Jester

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! I love funny guys. They get away saying almost anything because they are funny. We expect them to be mean or sarcastic. We may not take their insults seriously but we sure as hell take their compliments- because they so rarely compliment. And yet they sometimes offer the most profound and yet crazy solutions to your problems. Your quintessential Weasley twins are a great example. Save Harry –let us jinx a car. They will rock your world and even when they can’t offer solutions – they ensure you have a pretty awesome time anyway

The Scholar

Remember Percy Weasley from Harry Potter?? Yea…these guys are not like that though. I am talking about the guys with all the “data”. The information dudes. With a great memory or great technology, they offer you information or advice on a silver plate. The information itself serves as a solution or you can also use that information to help you generate solutions. Want to know your competitors credibility history? Or a nice themed restaurant for the weekend. Go to this guy!

The Straight shooter

Yes. He gives serves it straight! No coating it no hiding it. For this guy the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He isn’t sparing your feelings today or anyday. But this bitter dosage comes highly recommended for anyone who wants to identify the actual problem. “No it’s not that your boyfriend is TOO social, you are just insecure”.Oouch! But keep these guys around – not for the feel good factor. It taste real bad, but once you have downed that medicine you start to feel much better

The Motivator

Yup! They kick you they believe in you they push you. And man can they even annoy you! Seen that episode of friends where Monica tries to get Chandler to work out? She would show up every day at 5.30 am. Motivators can make you feel pumped up or they can treat you as their “special projects” either way it’s all about “the thought that counts for these guys” They may not offer solutions always but sure help you to get off your couch and find one

The Storyteller

I always identify with the storytellers. Do they offer solutions – probably not. Do they enable  you find solutions to your problems – Guess not so much either. Their sole purpose to tell you a story- whatever you may learn or not learn from the story is up to you. They speak in riddles and puzzles that make you go —whaaaat??But they do something from you that no one else can. They make you think about your problem or forget about it if atleast for a while.

The Manipulator

Oooo the bad boys of problem solving!

These guys are subtle to say the least. They appear to be the sweet little girl with the candy but make no mistake. If they use their power for good then they can help you find solutions for almost anything without you even so much as breaking a sweat. However should they use their power for evil? – Then you become pawns in the twisted games. Manipulators read people and have a slightly double shaded approach on morality which makes them great allies when you need a solution.

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