Women and the Workplace

It is a sad but true fact that women in the corporate world still remain second class citizens. We need to accept the irrefutable and obvious truth that women are less likely to pursue and maintain positions of power and[...]

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Women and Leadership

It is true that over the past decade the number of women who earned a bachelor’s degree in the United States was marginally larger than the men who invested in College education. It is also an established fact that all[...]

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Is Your Career in Danger? Take the Test

A successful career is built over a lifetime. Your goal can’t be merely finding a job and then, in performance-review lingo, “meeting expectations.” In a tumultuous employment landscape where most people have numerous jobs in a career, and many people[...]

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The Role of Self-Assessment

Self-assessment can be extremely helpful for answering several different career questions, including: How do I find the most rewarding career field for me? How do I use this information to get a job immediately? How can this information help me[...]

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How to Use Self Assessment Tools to Help You Choose a Career ?

Part 1: An Introduction to the First Step in the Career Planning Process The most common question I’m asked is this one: “I don’t know what I want to do. Is there a test or something that can tell me[...]

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Common Career Advice You Need to Ignore

As you work your way through your career, you’ll find people are full of advice. But is all of it useful? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Here’s some common career advice you’re probably better off ignoring. Always Limit Your Resume[...]

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4 Vital Career Skills You Won’t Learn in College

Negotiating effectively Effective negotiation and bargaining skills are always valuable and will serve you well both at work and in your personal interactions. However, these skills aren’t usually taught in colleges — even in business courses — says Andrew Ward, managing[...]

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Student Checklist for a Global Career

Are you considering a Global Career? If you’re in school, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. Use this checklist as your action plan for your career preparation. Freshman Year Get acclimated and begin to explore your options. Continue[...]

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Distractions from Worrying

I read somewhere that Worry keeps you busy doing nothing. Nothing could be less true. In my experience, I have found that worry is one of the most unproductive emotions we have. Any other emotion even some perceived as negative[...]

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Getting Over The Phase

Ever been through that “phase” where everything you touch gets turned to “nothing”. Or when everything just falls out of place and there is no sign of it getting better? We can talk about every tool and technique in the[...]

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